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How we are different?

INTRAWORK provides highly skilled temporary staff to European Union agencies, multinational companies, the technology sector, and startups. We have a vast network of partners and affiliates across the EU, as well as our own database of expert profiles, allowing us to offer our clients a diverse range of in-house or remote candidates.

Our technology-assisted matching process ensures that we efficiently match candidates to job requirements and can deploy the right person for the job within just a few days. With INTRAWORK’s project management tools, we can guarantee precision and predictability.

As part of our commitment to quality, we conduct security background checks and work closely with national security agencies to provide candidates with EU security clearances. Our integrated payroll management system takes care of accounting, payments, benefits management, and sick leave, among other things, seamlessly.

We invest heavily in the training and well-being of our temporary staff, paying them higher salaries than our competitors. If one of our staff members is offered a permanent position with a client organization, we see it as a testament to our good work.

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