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How to join us

We specialize in providing temporary staff for European Union agencies, multinational companies, technology sectors, and startups. To give you a further idea of what we do, these are some of examples of the domains where we work. We are constantly looking for service providers in these domains from junior to senior level. Send your CV, short motivation letter with your salary expectations here. Please make sure that you are EU citizen, have the relevant education and experience and your criminal record is clean. 


End user and stakeholder management;  Service delivery management; Project management; Product management; Programme management; Portfolio management; Vendor and contract management; Service transition management; ICT Architecture; Requirement management; Business analysis; ICT Security and business continuity; Cybersecurity; Data protection; Database administration; Web services administration; Test management; Data centre management; Software engineering; Storage and Network engineering; System administration; Network administration; Network analysis; Operational reporting; Operational planning; Process design and standardization; Quality Assurance; Internal audit

Administrative support

General coordination and stakeholder management support; Internal and external communication support; Human resource and talent management support; Finance and budget management support; Procurement and vendor management support; Legal support; Training and event management support; Protective security support; Facility management support

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